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How to Register as a Nanny


Do you have experience in the childcare industry? Currently unemployed? Or are you looking for new opportunities? Want to get started on Nanny Lane and have some questions about how to get started? Nanny Lane is the place for you.

Starting the registration process is quick, easy and best of all, it’s free!

To start off, go to Nanny Lane and click ‘Get Started’.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Get Started,’ you want to make sure that you are registering as a Nanny. Select ‘I am a… Nanny’ and then hit ‘Next.’

Once you’re on the ‘Welcome’ page, please fill in the info required. Make sure you type in your email address correctly and pick a password that you can remember but is also secure. This information is what you’re going to use to log in!

The next steps are for you to fill out your profile with some information that will be read by families. This information will appear on your profile and help families learn a little bit about you. Don’t worry though; you can always edit this information later on.

When done, you’ve succeeded in creating your profile and are now one step closer to finding the perfect position. Now for the fun part, click ‘Done’ and explore the jobs near you!

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