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How to Register For A Family Account


Are you expecting a newborn? Or are you trying to find a new nanny? Maybe, you have some questions about how to get started? Whatever it is - we’ve got you covered. Nanny Lane is the place for you.

To get started, simply go to Nanny Lane and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Make sure to select ‘I am a… Parent’ and then click ‘Next’ to move on.

Next, it’s time to choose between hiring a nanny or looking for a nanny share.

Looking for a Nanny:
If you want to hire a nanny, click on the ‘Hire A Nanny’ option and then hit ‘Next.’ The next step will be to either connect your Facebook account (so that we can verify that you are a real person :slight_smile: ) or to provide and verify your phone number.

Looking for a Nanny Share:
Looking for a nanny share? Choose ‘Start a Nanny Share.’ Then, you will get the following three options: ‘I Have A Nanny,’ ‘I Have Another Family,’ and ‘I Don’t Have Either.’ Select the option that best applies to you and then hit ‘Next.’

Once you’ve selected the type of profile that you’d like, the next steps are to provide some initial information to have your profile set up. Don’t worry; you can have this information edited later on.

When this is complete, you’re free to explore the site!