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Is it expected for a nanny to watch the kids if they're sick?


Is it a reasonable thing to ask a nanny to watch kids that are sick? I’m just curious in hearing other parents thoughts on this type of situation.


i have watched kids that were sick before. the family has given me heads up about it and i make sure to take some vitamin c before


I believe that as a nanny you should take care of a child who is not seriously ill. Even then you can offer to spell the parent when needed. I’m speaking as a nanny, a parent, and a Nana. It’s just nice to be nice.


As a nanny myself, I do watch kids when they are a bit sick. I’ve never been faced with a situation where the children have been seriously ill though


I think as long as the nanny knows a little bit beforehand and has time to prepare, they should be able to take care of the kids


As a nanny, yes we can take care of the kids when they are sick. But please give a heads up. A call or text before we come in so we’re prepared. However if it’s contagious, I don’t think it’s fair.


I’ve been a nanny for a while and I’ve always watched the kids when they are sick. But I only come in if the parents are going to work. I don’t come in if the whole family is home sick. With that being said yes a nanny should come in even though the kids are sick. It’s part of a job. It is not like babysitting occasionally.




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