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Are nannies seeing my messages?


Hi there

I’ve sent a bunch of messages to nannies on this site and have posted the job we’re looking to fill, but haven’t had a single reply… is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there a way to find out if the messages I’ve sent have been received or read? Thanks!


Hi @Aliceb, in order to check if a nanny has received your message it will appear in your “Conversations” page! If any messages you send do not appear in there, then it means that the message did not send.


My messages are going to archive. Why. Missing out on jobs please help. Ty


I am a nanny


Hello I’m a Nanny and have applied to many jobs and seems to be that they also do not receive my messages for several . So I send a message asking if they received it and they said no so I have to resend it.I’m have lost a lot of opportunity and still looking.


Hi @Dawn,

Would it be possible for you to send me a message here on the Community so that I can have our team review the profile to see what might be happening?


Hi @ty0678,

Can you also message me on the Community? I would like to have our team here review your account to see what might be happening


To can only get my messages to go archive. Help please


I’ve sent you a message!


Messages sent by nannies to families will appear in the “Unanswered Messages” filter in the Recommendations page, as nanny profiles are set up a bit differently than family profiles.


So what about familes sending messages. I have sent a bunch of messages and nothing. Is there somewhere i need to be looking?


Hi Admin, I’ve been experiencing the same thing, I’ve been messaging family and applying but it is not showing in my conversation list too not even in my archive.


Hi I am also experiencing the same problem. I sent a lot of message but did not receive a reply back. Is it because the family need to reply back to the message in order for me to see the message I’ve sent out in the conversation tab?