Not getting response from families

I’m a full time live in nanny looking to transition to a full time live out. I have contacted over 15 families and have only received an answer from one. I have a profile up and a picture as well. I’m not sure if the other families are seeing my messages. Is this site working?

Hi @Samthenannygirl,

First off, I’d like to welcome you to the Nanny Lane Community. When it comes to the messages that you send out to families, they receive notifications either via email or text message once you send them the message. From there, response times can vary as different families might take longer to open, read, and then respond to the messages that they receive to their profile. We understand that this is currently a point of frustration for both nannies and families, and are actively working towards improving it!

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Thank u
I’m experiencing the same
I look forward to ur help
Is there an option to get better exposure?
Is there a Premium option
Pay on a monthly basis ?
Thank you
Kathy Bonello

Hi Kathy, our site is free for nannies. The site sorts the profiles based on recency and activity if that helps!

I don’t think the families are getting my messages because I haven’t got a response back yet. How do I know when they have read?