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No Responses from Families

I am new to nanny lane and I have messaged at least 15-20 families and have not heard back from any of them. Are they receiving my messages and can they se them? I have used other babysitting/ nanny sites and have never had zero responses after a full week.

Don’t feel to bad, I as a family sent out a bunch of messages and haven’t gotten any emails, or notification back. I went to each persons tile thing and haven’t gotten anything there as well. So who knows maybe it’s our user error. I know i’m new to this system.

Hi I hope all is well ! May I ask where you and your family live! I am in Baton Rouge! I would love to talk with you! Thanks

I haven’t neither and need a baby sitter bad about to lose my job

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I just started the NannyLane website yesterday and I contacted so many like about 15ish and haven’t got any responses or I’m not even sure they looked at it or can even see it. Maybe there is in a error in the website. Can someone please help because this is frustrating, I was looking forward with helping out many families with their children.

I would love to help you out.

Same here. I am responding and not receiving updates. I wish I could makw sure that it was received. Im located in Stanton California