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No Responses from Families

I am new to nanny lane and I have messaged at least 15-20 families and have not heard back from any of them. Are they receiving my messages and can they se them? I have used other babysitting/ nanny sites and have never had zero responses after a full week.

Don’t feel to bad, I as a family sent out a bunch of messages and haven’t gotten any emails, or notification back. I went to each persons tile thing and haven’t gotten anything there as well. So who knows maybe it’s our user error. I know i’m new to this system.

Hi I hope all is well ! May I ask where you and your family live! I am in Baton Rouge! I would love to talk with you! Thanks

I haven’t neither and need a baby sitter bad about to lose my job

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I just started the NannyLane website yesterday and I contacted so many like about 15ish and haven’t got any responses or I’m not even sure they looked at it or can even see it. Maybe there is in a error in the website. Can someone please help because this is frustrating, I was looking forward with helping out many families with their children.

I would love to help you out.

Same here. I am responding and not receiving updates. I wish I could makw sure that it was received. Im located in Stanton California

Same here. I’ve started a number of conversations, only to have them just randomly end without any explanation. I’ve also sent numerous messages with zero replies. I’m not sure that anyone is getting the messages. Very frustrating.