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HELP! I'm new to this site!

I’m a beginner here. However, I am very qualified w years of experience being a nanny to a very sick premature newborn plus his two siblings. I am affiliated with many agencies…example Babies Can’t Wait, High Risk Infant Nurse, see profile for more. I need help on how to get more results. I miss working with the family I worked for the kids have gotten older and the parents feel they are no longer in need of a nanny, I still am involved in their lives and for that I am greatful…just ready to go back to work. Thanks!!


Hi @Mel,

What was is that you required assistance with on the site itself? Have you tried reaching out to different families yet?

I don’t quite understand how. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Mel, I have sent you a message to your Community inbox do discuss the specifics of your situation.

Hey, I’m also a beginner here on nanny lane. I sent messages to the families already but have not received any response from them and it’s been more than 10 days now. Just wondering if there is a problem or if it somehow shows that they saw my message and want to move on to the next candidate?

Hi @Kuchugurnyy,

If the profiles of the families you messaged appears in your Conversations page, that means that they were successfully sent!

It may be that the families are busy or have not had a chance to read their messages yet. I would encourage you to continue to reach out for the positions that you are interested in!

Hii I’m new here is there any families needing a nanny in tempe, az… I’m currently looking for a job and I have a 5+ yr experience with kids I also have a 1 yr old daughter.