Looking for Part Time/Full Time Nanny in VA Beach A.S.A.P

Dear Future Nanny,

We are located in VA Beach. Brayden will be 6 in Feb. and Holden will be 4 in June. Bray is our gem. He was born with a rare genetic disorder and unable to sit on his own (so lifting is required), is currently nonverbal but vocal, developmental delay, and low vision in addition to some ataxia. This may sound scary to a lot of people but rest assure, he is not a difficult child to care for. Some of our friends have babysat and looked after him on their own while we have gone out together. He currently is in kindergarten 5 days a week and goes to physical, occupational, and speech/communication therapies twice a week. He loves to swim in our pool, go to the beach, read books, dance, be outside, do crafts, go to the park (Christina had the city put a special needs swing in the park around the corner) and is our MUSIC MAN!

Holden is our inquisitive typical child who loves to be entertained. He is a super happy, intelligent and helpful child. (You may think you are talking to a 10 year old, though he is only 3). He loves to go outside, dance, draw, write, sing, play sports, do puzzles, help his brother with hand over hand activities and learn new things.

We are looking for a patient, outgoing, RELIABLE, HAPPY, creative, outdoorsy, and caring person who will become a great friend and family member to our whole family. Must be able to drive.

Eric is an emergency physician who only works overnights, so his schedule varies day to day when he needs to sleep. On days when he is not working, we most likely will have you not working that day/week(s). We can schedule out as far as 2-3 months. Christina works part time from home.

As a family, we love being outside. Having the option to go to the beach and parks every day is very exciting for us! We love dancing and reading and singing (though our voices aren’t that great, we still have music playing throughout the house everyday), and being active whether that involves the zoo, aquarium, walks, museums, we are always up for something new.

We look forward to talking to you and having you join us!

All the best, The Deutsch Family
P.S. Please no inquiries about bringing additional children.
P.S.S. Christina is having surgery February 25th, so will not be able to lift for up to 8 weeks.

I woud love to take care of him have references in call and read I love kids and I talked to a special ed kids and Exedra is autistic and they’re just kids and I love and give me a call at 922-5244