Do not work for this atl plus family

If anyone is in the Atlanta area, DO NOT work for the Wessmann Family.

The mother allowed her toddler to hit me, pour water on me, and push my belongings off the counter. When I told her i had a deadly food allergy and could not fead her son the food, she asked me if I was serious and placed a bowl of the food right in front of me, expecting me to feed him.

She kicked me out of her house for telling her son, “I cannot engage in this behavior until we calm down.”

She’ll tell you horror stories about her past nannies, stating it was all their fault, but it’s all her.

She will list all of the ethnicities in the neighborhood and say her child is politically correct because they have only had “Latino nannies.” She will stereotype nannies based on their ethnicities and instead of discuss the duties of the day, she will harp on the past nannies who have wronged her, within the past month.

Within the first 30 minutes of my being there, her child began begging to be nursed. She was fully ready to begin nursing in the middle of the room without warning. It wasn’t until I asked if they would like privacy that she acknowledged I was in the room and might be uncomfortable with someone I just met taking off their shirt without forewarning.

She will question your hours, refuse to pay you, and the rate she has listed will not be the rate you receive. If you see this family on the website, RUN.

Thanks so much for the heads up! We Nannie’s need to stick together and call out these toxic families! I’ve had my share of nut cases too!! I’ve had some lovely people too!! We should all start a support group !! Well hang in there and I hope you find a wonderful family!! K.Ann

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