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Contract with unpaid vacations etc


I just accepted a nanny position. I received the contract via email today. The rate is $12/hr for 3 month old. Family will be taking up to 4 weeks of vacation during the year. I will not be paid for vacations, 6 national holidays, and sick days.
I’ve never had this happen! I totaled the 4 weeks, holidays and it was close to $2,000. I cannot afford this.
How do I handle this? Do i pass on the job? Do i ask for a higher rate to compensate for lost hours? Oh and although it states 40 hour per week but up to 2 short days. HELP


Aren’t happy that you have a job? They are many people who wants your job. Be happy, at least you have a job. I have bills to pay. Still searching for a job. Hope you understand.


I DON’T have a job either. To top it off i LOST my last job 2 days AFTER my husband DIED!
I also have bills to pay. The job offer wasn’t enough to survive on. HOPE you UNDERSTAND


You’re not even being paid a minimum living wage of $15/hr! I wouldn’t accept this job.


Don’t worry i didn’t.


Hummmm, i see Betty hasn’t responded