Contract with unpaid vacations etc

I just accepted a nanny position. I received the contract via email today. The rate is $12/hr for 3 month old. Family will be taking up to 4 weeks of vacation during the year. I will not be paid for vacations, 6 national holidays, and sick days.
I’ve never had this happen! I totaled the 4 weeks, holidays and it was close to $2,000. I cannot afford this.
How do I handle this? Do i pass on the job? Do i ask for a higher rate to compensate for lost hours? Oh and although it states 40 hour per week but up to 2 short days. HELP


Aren’t happy that you have a job? They are many people who wants your job. Be happy, at least you have a job. I have bills to pay. Still searching for a job. Hope you understand.

I DON’T have a job either. To top it off i LOST my last job 2 days AFTER my husband DIED!
I also have bills to pay. The job offer wasn’t enough to survive on. HOPE you UNDERSTAND

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You’re not even being paid a minimum living wage of $15/hr! I wouldn’t accept this job.

Don’t worry i didn’t.

Hummmm, i see Betty hasn’t responded

12.00 an hour is an insult especially for infant care. Ask for at least 15.00 an hour and move on if they decline. Minimum wage is going up to ,
i think 12.75 an hour and a nanny should be paid much higher.
if you don’t get paid what you are worth you
'll start to resent them.
Hope it all works out.

Write up a contract with them, and ask if there’s any flexibility with paid holidays, etc. see if they are flexible. I’ve been a nanny for 18 yrs and learned the hard way to ALWAYS have a contract. Where are you? Did you know the average rate for sitters and nanny’s is $15.50-$16.50 across the country?