Does the age of the nanny matter?

Those of you who have been there, what are the qualities that you looked for in your nanny?

Did you care about their background education? What should we look out for in the interview that could be an issue? What should we be asking in the interview?

Haven’t interviewed anyone yet, but have begun speaking to potential candidates and for the most part they are either on the younger side, fresh out of school or on the older side (50+). Does anybody have any ideas or insights that we should be looking at when speaking to candidates from two different age groups?

I’m a 58 year old nanny … I’ve worked for families that wanted the older nannies only because they’ve experienced all of the babies issues that can occur … teething, sleeping through night routines, colic just to name a few … it really depends on what you are looking for in a nanny …


@ramsey83 hanks so much for the insight! Were you always a nanny? Or did you become one later on if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just curious to know if you learned through experience over your years of being a nanny.

Thanks again!

I stayed at home with our children and enjoyed it very much. So when my husband was put out of work due to 8lower back surgeries I decided to do what I love most … taking care of little ones. I enjoy taking care of infants and I know I’ve got a good solid 2-3 years with them before preschool. My two girls are nannies also.

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Sorry to hear about your husband. I guess nannying runs in your family, that’s so cute! Congrats on having 2 successful girls

Im a 19 year old nanny… and lemme tell you it doesn’t matter the age. If the person you are looking for is young, give them a Benifite of the doute, and let them have a try. I’ve been babysitting for 7 years and a nanny for 3 years. In all my babysitting jobs it didn’t really matter for the education background because what does it half to do with kids? Though and education is nice to have, I don’t think it applies to this job. I’m young and energetic but I can imagine older nanny’s don’t have that much energy as us younger ones. That’s just one plus. The good thing though about older nanny’s is the wisdom and tricks that they do for the children. So either or on the age group.


I don’t think it’s the age of the nanny that matters as much as the experience. If one nanny is 25 but has 5 years of experience and another nanny is 40 but only has 1 year of experience, the younger one might be more suited for the job in that case.

Thank you for this! I am 14 almost 15 and have been a nanny for awhile but I have had so much experience and lots of qualifications!