Upcoming nanny interviews, need help!

My husband and I are conducting interviews for a few candidates that we found at nannylane.com (I hope it’s ok to link the site here) this weekend and we need some help. What the heck am I supposed to ask if I already know that they have CPR and are ok with the hours we need (only about 20-25 hrs/week)? How do we negotiate the pay since we put a range of $10-$15 in the posting itself? Some of the candidates mentioned that they don’t drive, so does that mean we would need to cover transportation? Thanks for all the help!

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I think it’s reasonable to help cover some costs associated with transportation like gas if the nanny brings their own car

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There are actually several very important issues to negotiate besides the hourly pay. Some nannies will be willing to accept a flatrate rather than an hourly rate during regularly scheduled days (eg.9am-5pm M-F=$700wk). But anything after or before that timeframe would be the hourly rate. Things like holiday pay, vacation days, mileage reimbursement(.545 per mile) and health insurance could become bargaining chips as well. Make sure to ask interview questions that will give you a good sense of how they discipline, educate and whether they are likely to match well with your little one. Don’t forget to discuss your religious beliefs or cultural traditions that you may require them to take part in (Shabbat,Prayer, food restrictions etc). **If a nanny is a live out employee they need to have their own transportation to & from work. But as far as the children’s outings are concerned you will have to seriously consider your family’s needs before committing to a contract.

Where is your location? I am available for nanny / Babysitter. My location Lake Butler, Florida Thanks Betty 267-253-6387