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How to get more results?

im looking for nanny job and want to know how i can get better results


@ahayes do you have a photo on your account? if not you should add one, i get more responses when i added the pic

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Hello nannies! Might I recommend attempting to reach out to the families listed on our site. This can increase your chances of finding the right fit for you, and you’ll never know until you try.

I hope that this was able to help a bit. Good luck with your searches and thanks for using Nanny Lane!

For my account i’ve been getting families reach out to me about my experience so you should make sure that you include good experience in your profile

@bestnanny thanks for the suggestion! i don’t have a photo and will look into adding one

@NannyLane thanks! do you work for the site?

what results… whwere

Hey @sunshinegramma I believe @ahayes is referring to finding a nanny job over at Nanny Lane. If you’re also interested in finding a nanny job you can learn how to create a profile using the information in this thread here: How to Register as a Nanny

@ahayes I’m a moderator for this community :smile:

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These are good tips, I didnt know this was posted before I made my own post

Since Nanny Lane is free, it must not hurt to reach out to multiple families near you

if you can get a phone number, i find that to be a really good way to get results since you can then talk to the family

I’m also looking for this here.

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