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Unfortunate situation on NannyLane + I stopped receiving NannyLane emails! Help?


Hi all

I had a really unfortunate situation with a family I met on NannyLane. They hired me and offered me a great pay, everything I was looking for, it was perfect. They seemed very nice. They said I will start after 1 month so I stopped looking and kept waiting for the start date. I left my previous job, got all sorts of vaccinations paid for by myself, and bent over backwards in endless background checks, referrals, etc, but I thought it’s okay and all worth it since I got the job in the end and they seemed like nice people.

1 month later, the day I was supposed to start, they started asking me to delay, by one day, by two days, by three days. “We have family over today” or “sorry something came up, you can start tomorrow instead” etc. After doing this for a few days, they sent me a text message saying "We actually realized that we don’t actually need a full time nanny, would you consider being on call for whenever we need you? we are sorry… "
almost one month and a half wasted… bills piled up… anyway


Anyway, when they hired me, I contacted all the previous offers on the site to thank them and let them know I had accepted a new job, and I marked my profile “Hidden” in NannyLane.

My profile remained hidden for that entire month or so.

Now after they told me that they changed her mind, I went back to NannyLane, reactivated my profile, and … in 2 weeks I only received ONE email from NannyLane. I used to receive emails every single day with potential families!

I am definitely still subscribed to those emails. Can someone please help me? I am not sure what is going on.


Hi @suz123,

I’m sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation you had with the family, and I definitely want to make sure that everything on your account is working properly!

Would you mind sending me a private message that includes the email address you use to log in to Nanny Lane with so that I can look into the email situation for you.


Thank you Peter. How do I send you a private message? Sorry I am not very technical and I can’t see the message option when I click your name


I sent you one!