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Potential client asking for personal info

Potential customer texting me and asking for a copy of my drivers license and SS card

I could be wrong here but when that happened to me, it was somebody trying to run a scam on me. In my opinion and experience, anytime the potential employer text your personal cell phone number opposed to communicating via the secure website, there’s usually something wrong or they are up to no good. Be cautious when communicating outside of the secure website.

Never trust this kind of requirement. You must first speak with them, see them on video chat and meet with them. A lot of scams on website, people who are not families looking for caregivers! They are actually trying to get info from you, personal or even steal money from you, as well! I did have people who communicated me their phone number, so we could speak over the phone. They were not scams. And then meet in person in a public place for a first interview (such as a coffee place). Sometimes at their home but by then, with experience, you know if it is a scam or not. But NEVER give your info to anyone! Unless you know they are real, because you had an interview already (one on one or via a video chat and saw the children!)

Thank you for your advice