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Flatrate fairness


A family that I have been temping for about 2 years now asked me to help her out for the school year due to her long AM work commute. She needs me Mon-Fri for 1.5hrs per day (7.5hrs per week) and asked me to give a flatrate. Would $100 be a fair rate? It’s only $13 less than if she paid hourly so I’m not sure if I should go lower but from my point of view I will be driving 110miles a week(my home-client-school-back home) and I won’t be able to take any other early morning clients. I want to be fair because she’s a single mom but at the same time this is my career and I have my own finances to consider. Advice please


Hi :wave:
I would figure out what the gas cost would be first. Then take your typical hourly rate x 7.5 hrs/week then + the gas. I respect making an effort for a single mom (I am one), but making this sustainable is the only way to ensure everyone gets what they need.


I am beginning to realize I can be too nice at times, another nanny I work with told me that if I sell myself short then that will become my new worth. Also this particular client due to living far way has a 3hr minimum in her contract that I have been pretty lax with…over all this is my fault for not standing up for myself and being to soft-hearted. Thanks for the help


I am a nanny and im driving too. To me very less hours it should be compensated. That per hour your charging is very cheap.


Don’t forget that in the long run those $13 add up. That’s an extra $676 a year. Don’t worry about putting your foot down with the price. If the mom gets mad at you that is a sign that she doesn’t respect you. I get paid hourly and if you are having set hours you should be getting paid hourly too. You have bills that need to be paid just like she does. I believe that if she really wanted you to be with her family she wouldn’t mind paying the extra $13. Please don’t go lower if you don’t feel comfortable with


I agree with everything said here. You should not feel uncomfortable coming up with a rate that is fair and covers your costs. Nannies need to be able to make a living too, and even if what you ask for is too high, there is always the possibility to negotiate.


I always tell people that I charge $25 per trip if it is just driving kids to or from school. I add hourly time on top of that if I need to help get kids ready. I explain that I charge the trip rate since I would be spending a majority of time driving to and from pickup or drop off points.