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Flatrate fairness

A family that I have been temping for about 2 years now asked me to help her out for the school year due to her long AM work commute. She needs me Mon-Fri for 1.5hrs per day (7.5hrs per week) and asked me to give a flatrate. Would $100 be a fair rate? It’s only $13 less than if she paid hourly so I’m not sure if I should go lower but from my point of view I will be driving 110miles a week(my home-client-school-back home) and I won’t be able to take any other early morning clients. I want to be fair because she’s a single mom but at the same time this is my career and I have my own finances to consider. Advice please

Hi :wave:
I would figure out what the gas cost would be first. Then take your typical hourly rate x 7.5 hrs/week then + the gas. I respect making an effort for a single mom (I am one), but making this sustainable is the only way to ensure everyone gets what they need.

I am beginning to realize I can be too nice at times, another nanny I work with told me that if I sell myself short then that will become my new worth. Also this particular client due to living far way has a 3hr minimum in her contract that I have been pretty lax with…over all this is my fault for not standing up for myself and being to soft-hearted. Thanks for the help

I am a nanny and im driving too. To me very less hours it should be compensated. That per hour your charging is very cheap.

Don’t forget that in the long run those $13 add up. That’s an extra $676 a year. Don’t worry about putting your foot down with the price. If the mom gets mad at you that is a sign that she doesn’t respect you. I get paid hourly and if you are having set hours you should be getting paid hourly too. You have bills that need to be paid just like she does. I believe that if she really wanted you to be with her family she wouldn’t mind paying the extra $13. Please don’t go lower if you don’t feel comfortable with

I agree with everything said here. You should not feel uncomfortable coming up with a rate that is fair and covers your costs. Nannies need to be able to make a living too, and even if what you ask for is too high, there is always the possibility to negotiate.

I always tell people that I charge $25 per trip if it is just driving kids to or from school. I add hourly time on top of that if I need to help get kids ready. I explain that I charge the trip rate since I would be spending a majority of time driving to and from pickup or drop off points.

I did this back in 2012. I asked for $15/hr for 3 kids. The position included transportation USING my car. I ended up getting about $10/hr + i paid for the gas and maintenance of my own car. Actually it eas my husband’s company car (Lincoln towncar…riding in style). To be honest i hated this job. But my husband insisted i keep it.
I worked mostly evenings and early morning. The evenings were crazy the mom making several meals to get kids to eat. Bedtime was HORRIBLE. Dark room, rocking until the baby was totally asleep if you put the 4 month old or 3 y/o down to soon you had to start over. I started in july 2012. My father died the following April. She made me come in that morning and take kids to school. Then i wasn’t more than 2 hours to Pa and she called to see how many MONTHS i would be gone. Ha i was fine with that but hubby said no.
A few weeks later i was so stressed out with the job, family and the loss of my dad.intook a unexpectedday off. . I came back the following Monday supposed to stay a week while her husband was out of town. That evening I was folding clothes, she was talking to her dad (a holocaust survivor) and telling him she didn’t have time to listen to him. I said quite loudly " you’ll never know what it’s like NOT to have your dad around until they are gone ". I went to bed very upset. The next morning i packed my suitcase, took the kids to school. Called my sister and my friend CRYING HYSTERICALLY. I was having a nervous breakdown at that point. Long story short, i left my family and job.
What’s my point in this story???

  1. DON’T take a job that doesn’t pay wages you asked for.
  2. DON’T pay for your own gas, if they can’t agree then WALK AWAY. You can’t be THAT DESPERATE for a job. Once you start, don’t think the family will NEGOTIATE YOUR PAY/GAS $, it won’t happen!!
  3. If it EVER gets to the point that you hate your job to the point of being miserable EVERY DAY …either find a job first or quit for the sake of your mental health.
    Thanks for reading

It is the law that nannies are paid by the hour and not a flat rate. If you need a resource, please ask your nanny family to research The Nanny Counsel. And By all means, before you begin anything, make sure you have a nanny contract before you begin anything in order to protect yourself and both parties involved. The Nanny Counsel will cover that too. Good luck!


I love to watch kids and I will do anything to make sure their safe and sound and to bide by all the rules that you may give me. And I’ll do anything to your kids happy and joyful. And I would do anything to make your kids happy and I would bring activities and snacks !! . And I been having at least 8 years of experience.

I am a nanny and im driving too. To me very less hours it should be compensated. That per hour your charging is very cheap.
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