Nervous about replacing my nanny

Our nanny has been with us for almost a year. I have twin 2 year olds and she is fantastic with them. I know she loves them and they love her. However, she couldn’t show up on time if I gave her a million dollars. This has been on ongoing issue. I’ve told her I was going to have to replace her before if she couldn’t get it together and she does good for a week or so, then back to being late. She works part of the time with the boys at my office and part helping my mom with them. Lately, she has been super lazy at Mom’s house and is slow to complete tasks. I feel sooo guilty now that I’m seriously going to replace her. Does anyone have any advice? I’m afraid it’s going to break my boys hearts…

Maybe start off by reducing her hours or pay. Sometimes it takes getting hit in the wallet to get someone to pay attention. If not then there is only one way to let someone go and that is short and direct. Kind of like a band-aid. As for the boys use this opportunity to turn this into a teachable moment. Explain ways to help to ensure promptness and the importance of being on time and being timely. As much as it sounds harsh, this could be a lesson that stays and carries them the rest of there life… good habits sometimes start from hard times. Hopefully this helps.


Thanks for the advice. I just feel awful about it. Posted an ad for a new nanny today. Hoping I can find someone as good with them as she is.

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Wish you the best of luck

I’m a nanny myself. Could you perhaps sit down as a family, reassure her that you and your family love her, but that some ground rules need to be set, and being on time shows respect on both people’s parts. Is there a contract? If not, if perhaps there is time to build one, and that is certainly a reason for “cause” of termination after three times for termination to be fired. May i ask if there’s a contract so she knows in BLACK AND WHITE what her responsibilities are and she can sign off on it?

Curious Nanny

You need to look the different way

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