Is it fair to do this?

I’ve been a nanny for this wonderful family for over a year. Originally I was using their car to take the kids to all the activities needed or wanted. Now they both use the cars and I’ve been having to use mine to transport them. I wasn’t really having a problem since most activities were about 5 minutes away. But this summer we are signed up to the pool again which is about a 20-25 minute ride just to get there. I asked the dad to be reimbursed for gas this time since it’s a lot of my car and it takes me 20 minutes just to get to work alone. There is a gas app for the phone so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for reimbursement. He said he wasn’t sure and he would think about it. If he says no what should I do? I feel like it’s not fair and is taking advantage of me. It’s almost like they are paying me less because I’m putting so much money into gas ( and I have to get premium).

If you take the kids to the pool everyday they should at least give you something. He shouldn’t have to pay you for gas for coming to work because you the one that applied for the job. Overall you don’t want to lose a job for something if it’s not worth losing .

They should pay you something extra fo taking kids in your car. It’s not only about gas, mileage has to also be taken into consideration. If the agreement was using their car, then it’s about your car, something has to be laid on the table. I always used my previous employers car to take kids back and forth, on the days theirs were not available, I was always compensated.

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In the beginning before you began this position what was discussed in regards to the driving situation; did they say they would provide their car for you to use or did they say you should have your own vehicle to use if theirs isnt available? if they mentioned you needing to have a car of your own did you ever talk about being compensated at all when using yours? Was it ever discussed about using your own before the position began ? Personally in one of my past positions- was given gas money and alittle extra for “wear and tear” of using my own vehicle for transporting their children.

***You should absolutely be compensated for using your own vehicle for anything regardless of the distance during work hours. (but esp if you are driving almost a half hour each way to take the kids somewhere that’s not just a quick ride ! )You should not be paying for using your own car during work- if they want you to take the children anywhere they need to provide a vehicle for you to drive, be wiling to compensate you for using your own OR pay for you and the children to get wherever needed by using another method of travel(public transportation/uber etc). You also have the option to say to the parents " I’m sorry but I’m not comfortable using my own vehicle to transport the children " (whether u say you don’t want to use your car at all or you are willing to use it providing you are compensated accordlingly for usage during work hours. ) Hopefully if you ask them to sit down and speak with you about this situation you can explain your opinions and how you feel the situation should be handled.(or you can ask them what if anything are they willing to offer). For your sake I pray they will be willing to do whats right/fair. But If not then you should be prepared on how you are going to address that whether you say your not driving your car or they will have to pay for uber/public trans. Best of Luck I hope everything works our for you !!

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Before the job started it was established that I was using their vehicles to bring the kids places. In fact I didn’t even have to start using my vehicle only a couple months ago because the mom didn’t want to use transit anymore. There was never anything being said about using my car before this happened and the car seats just got out into mine. I guess I am more nervous about the outcome than anything because I don’t want there to be tension between us because I’m demanding to be reimbursed.

I just want him paying for use of it during work since it wasn’t initially suppose to be that way. I only brought up gas to get to work to say that I’m already using a lot just to get there. Not that I need to be reimbursed for that.

I agree he should offer to give something since that wasn’t in the contract.

Hello Sillygooseguss, most nanny’s don’t like to hear this but it is the truth. If the family plans trips to the pool and does not give you transportation and wont reimburse you for your gas to the pool and back do not take them. You need to have a sit down and talk about this with the family. Nanny’s have it hard when it comes to money and even though we are grateful for the job we still need to have boundaries. Boundaries like using your car, your money, to take their kids to the pool. Its not right. I do agree with some of the nanny’s that say don’t make a big deal if you cant afford to lose the job. But if you find a part time nanny gig then have a talk with the family that way you still have some sort of income till you can land another full time job.

Since you use your car and own gas you will be able to write it off on your taxes since they are not reimbursing you. Not just the pool trips but any transportation too and from employment at this point. You may actually be making more. Keep really good records and document everything.

I have been a nanny for over 17 years and I usually charge only if I am expected to drive more than a certain amount of miles per week. I discuss this with the clients during the contract negotiations unless it was a sudden change. You can figure out mileage reimbursement very easily by referencing According to the IRS the 2018 rate per mile is 54.5 cents per mile. I keep a detailed calendar and at the end of each week I calculate the mileage using the GPS on my phone. So if I drove 200miles I would multiply that by .545 cents which would come out to $109. This seems like a lot but that includes your cars maintenance, gas and insurance costs. This is a reimbursement so it is NOT TAXABLE INCOME and will need to be paid to you separately from your regular wages. Or you could work out an agreement that suits your needs. I hope this helps.


If it has been a while since your convo with the Dad when he said he would think about it, maybe he is busy and forgot. You could try this. Tell him you know how busy he is and so you have figured out what mileage reimbursement would be. Then tell him you would be willing to accept that amount based on gas and usage. Sometimes dads, and even moms, forget their agreements, and this is definitely what causes tension, especially in long-term positions. There’s always a solution unless your employers are brain-dead.