Need some negotiating help

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to figure out a rate to charge this family that would like to hire me. I have my normal rate, which covers me for using my own car, but the family has asked if I would consider taking a lower rate if they let me use their car.

Is this something that other nannies have encountered? How did you go about handling these talks?

You should do what is best for you. If the price is too much lower than your regular rate than it isn’t worth it. It definitely is reasonable to take a lower rate because he then you don’t have to pay for gas when you’re using the family’s car.

Well if they do insist on using there car, then you wouldn’t have to factor in the cost of gas as much for your transportation. The real question is, would you still be driving to the job location if it’s at the family house?

If you accept this proposal they will have to pay the gas and upkeep on the car and you wont be running your car ragged.An added benefit should be that that should your car go in the should go in the shop you will have use of theirs to make it back and forth to work and home.