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Has anyone dealt with the plus service


Anyone dealt with the plus service. I am looking for a nanny and not getting very far. I am wondering of anyone has any experiences with the plus service.


I can get u a nanny if u want .She live in Can arise.


I am looking for a nanny position. If you would like to talk pls contact me.


I am a nanny looking for full time position


where is Can arise?


It’s canrasie


ohhh ok lol. That’s a bit of a commute… as I live in colorado.


Hi @mfolk77,

Did you have any specific questions about the Plus service that I might be able to assist you with?


No specific questions. It’s just I haven’t found a way to speak with anyone in person , prior to signing up and paying the fees. Is there a phone number or anything where I can speak with a live person?


Absolutely! In general, our Support team can be reached by shooting an email to or you can message me using the messaging feature available here in our Community.


I’m look
for a job… can you please help me